Smolyan is a municipal and regional, administrative and educational center of the region of the Rhodope Mountains.

Smolyan municipality consists of 86 settlements (1 town and 85 villages), of which 23 municipalities and 20 municipality vicarages. It includes the national resort Pamporovo area Raikovski livadi.


National Cultural Center "Kiril Madzarov" is one of the first in the Rhodopes. It was founded in May 1866 on the initiative of the teacher Dimitar Makedonski. This nugget cultural and educational phenomenon is supported by the leaders and people of Ustovo – Kelesh Savashto, Kiryak Belkovski, Nikola Kelpetkov, Hadzi Hristo Popgeorgiev and others.

The Ministry is governed by a Minister with the help of two Deputy Ministers and a Chief Secretary; the Collegium of the Ministry is an Auxiliary Advisory Body of the Minister. In 2005 the Ministry of Culture was restructured and renamed as “Ministry of Culture and Tourism”.

With a Resolution of the National Assembly since 16th of August 2005 the Ministry is again restructured and renamed as “Ministry of Culture”.